the husband




My Husband


I am the lucky girl who shared 28 incredible years with my one in a million husband Simon MacCorkindale. He was my best friend, lover partner and soul mate.

When Simon entered a room it was alight with the flame that surrounded him, so warm and engulfing.

When we married on October 5th, 1984 on a desert island in Fiji, as fifty Fijians sang The Lord Is My Shepherd in a tiny church with broken windows, all I could think of as I walked toward him, “I wanted to be his angel.” From the first moments of our marriage, he gave me strength, peace and protection and I knew I would always be safe in his arms. He taught me things that enriched my life. He was kind, the kindest most giving man I had ever known and as our friends and work mates will only testify, he always put them first and me first of all.

We were as one, inseparably soaring through life with passion, energy, commitment and a dream, nothing could ever stand in our way, until one day…

In 2005, Simon was diagnosed with cancer. We had no intention; he had no intention of it stopping us though! Courageous and with strength beyond compare he fought this battle, like all others effortlessly. We laughed and loved, sang and danced and held on to our promise of a lifetime together.

In darker days, I ache for his touch and long to see his smile that immediately, in thought, brings the brightest light. After losing him to this dreadful disease that randomly claims the lives of so many, the promise I made to myself has become a reality. To help others in his beautiful name, it’s everything he would have wanted.

I was once his angel and now he is mine.