Lasting Life Love Letters – true friends share what only felt like a family event.

I have never experienced such raw emotion and energy palpable in the room that night, as guest readers with individual voice and interpretation, shared love letters written through time. The evening was all about true love, one path one journey and what love means to each and every one of us and on this occasion the message was in support of “Lasting Life the Simon MacCorkindale Legacy”

Planning “Lasting Life Love Letters”the first fundraising event in the United Kingdom, began as a far-reaching idea and exceeding expectations, meant everything.

My thanks to all those who helped along the way to make this vision a reality, it’s just the beginning of a plan for future fundraising that we believe will travel the world over.

I understand that the abbreviation of the written word today is a result of a genuine pace of life, sometimes too fast to communicate in more than a few syllables!. However, like so many others I still cherish the use of our English language in its long form, so powerful meaningful and complete.The purpose of Love Letters is to restore and remember the past and make it ever present.

Words and music are the food of love and I have never felt more empowered, that in the arms of such friendship we will play on. ❤

Lasting Life Love Letters