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At the bottom of this page is how and where to leave a message for “Lasting Life the Charity” or indeed as seen below, words, thoughts, feelings you might like to share with us ……….

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  1. Tһis is the right site foг evеryone who really wants to find out about this topic.
    You undеrstand so much its almoѕt tough to argue with you (not
    that I actually would want to…HaHa). You definitely put a fresh spin оn a suƄject that’s
    been discussed for yearѕ. Great stuff, just wonderful!

  2. Simon and I were childhood friends both born in 1952, we attended Colinton Primary School, Edinburgh.
    I remember going to a birthday party at Dunalastair, the house on Dreghorn Loan where he lived. He had a Honda monkey bike which I pestered him to let me ride, sixty years later I still ride a motorcycle, so thanks Simon.
    He has gone too early as is often the way with cancer.
    RIP Simon

  3. Firstly may i say how nice it is to see all that you both did and now continue to do Susan, Brave and Courageous like many of us who have dealt with this Disease, Myself Saw my father waste away with prostate cancer for me at that time a huge shock and awe”” Being then Both My Late Parents Carer For 24/7 8yrs it gave me things within i never knew i had so i see this super Charity for the first time and say Awesome.. donation to follow.. I look at your stunning Photos Together And Stand Back and Say what a Handsome Couple You Made My best Wishes always Having Just Retired It’s Heartwarming, To say the least Having Never Married. Best Wishes Hugs and Hers To an Awesome 2022 Anthony C Liverpool, By the Sea ** Xxx

  4. It is now over twenty years since my much loved wife died from this dreadful disease, and although I have been very fortunate in finding someone else to share my life I still miss my late wife greatly. Anything that anyone can do to help to alleviate the suffering of other folk who have this disease is truly worthwhile. likewise any help that can be given to find better less aggressive treatments and an eventual cure is vital. As a former professional fundraiser and Charity CEO I know how hard the work will be so bravo to all those people helping you.

  5. Watch gentle giant Simon everyday on Casualty.Sometimes sad but mainly happy a lovely man that I for one miss greatly

  6. What an evening! A room full of love – for Simon and for you Susan – Lasting Life Love Letters 2018 was an absolute triumph. What you have set out to achieve in Simon’s name is wonderful and to have such an event at the very heart of the charity and its endeavours is unique. I am honoured and humbled to be part of Lasting Life, the Simon MacCorkindale Legacy and look forward to working with you and Brian Aris and our amazing group of ambassadors and supporters to achieve the aims of this small charity with a big heart.

  7. 1st I wanted to say my name is Jacky from Colorado and im so sorry for your loss” I really wanted you to know your words and poems and writings of inspiration really helped me after my fathers passing from cancer last October “ as well as my mother is dealing with a cancer now” you have been a inspiration susan in more ways than one” i was always a fan of yours and followed your career that always made me smile!!! Keep up the good work and thank you for your service to this cause!!! Godspeed!!!!

  8. I have watched you Susan on the Marigold Hotel programme ….. for many years I never knew you were married to each other … I remember once seeing your husband walking across a road in Cardiff and thinking to myself “is that Simon McCorkindale ? I think he was appearing in the New Theatre .
    Watching you reminisce of times with your husband it has been very touching, I too have had my loved one been touched with cancer but thankfully he is still here and after 44 years of marriage to this wonderful man I cannot imagine your pain.
    You show so much strength during your stay in India I applaude you .

    Sincere good wishes

  9. Hi Susan,
    Just wanted to tell you that I thought Simon was a wonderful actor, I have been a fan of his for such a long time. My one regret is that I never got the chance to meet him in person, but I did write to him a few times and he was kind enough to reply. I was devastated to hear about his passing.

    “LASTING LIFE” is such a wonderful tribute to Simon, I will tell everyone I know about it and ask them to support it, and I hope it will be very successful. I know how hard it is to lose someone you love to this terrible illness, as I lost my mother to lung cancer almost 30 years ago.

    My very best wishes to you, Susan, and rest assured Simon will never be forgotten by his many fans.


  10. I met Simon once.
    I was lost near Baker Street looking for Marylebone station and he took the time out to help me with directions.
    Only after thanking him did I mention I had recognised him and said what a pleasure it was to meet him, we shook hands and he replied “and it was a pleasure to meet you too”.
    A true gentleman on and off screen. ❤️ Take care Susan ❤️

    1. Losing a parent is sad beyond belief but loosing a life partner is life changing, gut wrenching beyond words, please don’t say you know what someone is going through or you understand as you will NEVER understand until you’ve lost your life partner.

  11. I met simon maccorkindale at the sound of music. I had a signed autograph andhe talked to me and my mum . simon maccorkndale was my favourite and mum liked him to.
    I losted my mum with cancer. I know what is like I miss my mum. she passed away 2014. all the fans remember simon in films, new tricks and casualty.

  12. De solo verlo como actor me di cuenta que era un gran ser humano.Grandiosa y loable labor por parte de Susan ,Dios le bendiga a ella y su tarea por ayudar a otros,una gran Dama y Señora y como ella dijo en una entrevista el sigue y seguirá siempre con ella porque para Dios y el amor nada es imposible.Saludos desde mi país Chile.

  13. ” He was a very sweet person. Cancer has taken so many people. I’m sorry you lost your great love Susan. I am sure his spirit is always with you”

  14. I was a massive fan of Simon MacCorkindale, a hugely successful ‘gentleman actor’ of his era. In fact, I remember everything from Falcon Crest, Mamimal, straight through to his final role in Casualty. His untimely passing was a huge loss and he continues to be dearly missed.
    Do please keep me updated regarding future activities for Lasting Life, especially events and various fundraisers. I would be extremely happy to support and raise awareness for this amazing cause.
    Kind wishes
    James Scrymgeour

  15. Much like Susan George, I to have dealt with grief following the death if a partner.
    This year marks thirty years since my beloved Kate left us all behind.
    However, my pain, grief etc, was buried for nearly two decades.
    Ten years ago this week, Thu 15th 2007, the suppressed grief returned with a vengeance.
    Six and a quarter years later, I managed to get through and free from the anchor of grief itself.

  16. I lost my father to cancer last November. I always look forward to Spring.. maybe because it signifies new life?

  17. Thank-you for what you do, and what you’ve also done.

    Like yourself, I’ve also had my own journey along a road very similar to your own recent path.

    Your achievement can and will provide hope and comfort to many others who go through this each day.

    You’re an inspiration, keep up the fantastic job your doing.

  18. I saw Simon as Captain Von Trapp in The Sound of Music on West End and loved it. ❤ He was so wonderful in it.

  19. Beautiful tribute and happy memories of a special man. Had the pleasure of meeting him twice and he was a true gent.

  20. Had the pleasure of meeting Simon on a couple of occasions…he was such a lovely gentleman.Can’t believe it’s been almost 10 year’s since his death.X

  21. Remember Simon is always in your Heart and the Loving memories live on within you

  22. I lost my brother last year to cancer and every day i hope that they soon find a cure ! My thoughts are with you .

  23. Well done Susan, best wishes for continued success. Cancer is a dreadful disease, I have many family members yet they too battled with courage and strength to the end. xx

  24. They say time is a healer Susan but some wounds take a lot longer!
    Our thoughts are with you…love CAE xx

  25. Sending lots of love and happiness, the loving memories of Simon will always be in your heart, Susan

  26. He’s still with you, Susan. In your heart, in your mind, in your soul, and in the love you share with your beautiful horses. Love never dies xx

  27. Once, many years ago i was working in the dressing rooms of the Marlowe theatre in Canterbury. I had just finished and was carrying my tools and step ladder through the corridor and you kind held the corridor door open for me to get through. I had only then recently seen a re run of Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry on the television and was completely starstruck at seeing you that i fumbled a meek thank you. I will never forget it, so cool. I think you were doing a production there with your husband, was he directing maybe.

  28. Thank you for posting the pictures of you and Simon. You made an amazing couple. Your pictures will forever remain in my heart.

  29. My name is Jennifer Rose- you probably remember when I sent you the Beatles’ “When I’m 64” in honor of your husband last February. Anyways, I mentioned that I was publishing a book in which I mentioned his claim-to-fame and one of my favorite obscure TV shows, Manimal. In one of the chapters, I discuss ways in which I help the world. I point out that while the premise was laughable, the show itself was fun. Simon reminds me of my own father, even when he wasn’t playing Prof. Chase, right down to being born in 1952. (My dad himself is in the book, in several pictures.)

  30. Dear Susie. I am so proud of you, and that you have started ‘LASTING LIFE’ in Simon’s memory. John and I loved your wonderful husband, and know that your charity will go on to help end cancer. My dream too! With much love & light Olivia ❤ xx

  31. Susan our thoughts are with you…
    “It has been said, ‘time heals all wounds.’ I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.”

    ― Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

  32. Life-long admirers of Mr & Mrs MacCorkindale. We are getting married in July and their relationship/story has influenced us strongly. The loss of Mr M. was heartbreaking, as is the plight of the many millions struggling with this disease. Our initial donation is modest among the wedding bills but it is a gift made on behalf of us and our guests, as we want to help any way we can.

  33. This is a donation from a Yogathon held at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of Birmingham on 21st June, 2016 which is International Yoga Day. We held the day in honour of Simons memory as he loved Iyengar Yoga.

  34. @TheSusanGeorge @RAFT_CEO @RobertLindsay Thank you for having the photos uploaded! Great bunch of people supporting a great charity!

  35. Great photo of @TheSusanGeorge and @RobertLindsay especially with #lastinglife brochure

  36. I am privileged to have and cherish the beautiful heart given 2 me at the #lastinglife launch

  37. Great to have 2 passionate women as @TheSusanGeorge and @RAFT_CEO working together to make @lastinglife a success!

  38. What a wonderful evening. Lovely people in a perfect setting. You (and Ben) were delightful hosts! See you soon,
    Mike x

  39. Hey Susie thank you so much for the lovely evening and do hope it is a massively successful charity I will def put it on my website.
    Big Love Judie

  40. Massive congratulations to @susangeorgearabianhorses for the launch of her new charity #lastinglife in memory of Simon Maccorkindale to benefit @raft_charity . We were honoured to spend the magical evening with you @maunselhouse

  41. Hi Susie. Simon was indeed a ‘gentleman’ but let’s split that word up,…he was also a ‘gentle man’ who had the magical touch of making everyone he spoke to feel they were special, A gift that very few of us have. As someone said earlier it’s wonderful legacy to set up for a wonderful man and I will be only too pleased to continue support on an annual basis.. Thank you for inviting me to the launch it seemed a great success.

  42. Dear Mrs. George,
    I was lucky enough to see Simon on stage in “The Sound of Music”. It was so wonderful to see him live on stage but I was to shy too wait for him after the play. Sometimes I´m very sad about it but then I say to myself “Hey, you were so lucky to see him live. This is so much more than other people have.”
    I was shocked to hear about his passing.
    This website is such a wonderful honor to your husband who was a wonderful man. I wish you good luck with this great cause.
    I know what it means to lose loved ones. My mother passed away 9 years ago at the age of 49 cause of cancer. And my grandmother had it for two times and for the moment she´s cancer free.

    This is a wonderful heartfelt thing you do.

    Warmly Greetings from Germany,

    P.S.: I support charity stuff via setting up links on my website. I would be happy if I got your permission. You can contact me via my eMail.

  43. Thank you for a fabulous evening on Saturday and congratulations on a really successful launch I know how much work you put in but believe me it was worth it. And I know everybody there felt the same.
    Love BA xx

  44. Thank you so much for a wonderful evening on Saturday the event was marvellous and a great production – and the surprise entertainment superb. Simon would be so proud of, but humbled by what you have set up in his name. Lots of love Doreen

  45. What a wonderful celebratory evening last night, thank you so much for including us as we feel very honoured.
    Mary and Sue

  46. The best of the best… so pleased to have the opportunity to support you in this very positive journey – heartfelt thanks to you Susan and to everybody that commits their funds, time and effort….

  47. Our thoughts will be with you on the night, on what will be a special occasion for a very special man. We are pleased to be able to make a donation to such a worthwhile charity, Susie. With all our love – xxxxx

  48. Darling Susie,
    What a wonderful legacy to set up for a wonderful man.
    You were an inspirational couple and now you doing this in your beloved Simon’s memory.
    You are also inspirational and we love you.
    Twiggy & Leigh

  49. A beautiful website a beautiful couple and a beautiful cause to help others. Hope you go from strength to strength Susan in helping others in Simon’s name and create an everlasting legacy helping others from you both. I never believed there was gold at the end of a rainbow only a message of hope. And that’s what i saw in that stunning photograph of you and Simon and that Rainbow not behind you or above you but just protecting you with a sign and a message of Hope. A message of Hope that was to become Lasting Life – The Simon MacCorkindale Legacy. x

  50. Dear Susan,
    What a wonderful plan you have put into play.
    Sadly, we can’t be with you as we will still be in Capetown at that time but we will be with you in spirit.
    All love
    Roger and Karen xxx

  51. @TheSusanGeorge @paulburn1968 I agree, he was a great actor, there was real presence behind that lovely ‘cheeky’ smile, he’s sadly missed..

  52. Dear Susan,

    Heartiest congratulations on a most tasteful well thought out and beautiful website. I do share your belief that the charity you’re founding is a fitting tribute to commemorate the memory of a wonderful human being.

    Wishing you every success with the dinner and the charity and look forward to seeing you in the near future.

    Kindest personal regards,

  53. I/we thought the Brian Aris photo of you and Simon really powerful and extraordinarily evocative and we – Nina and me – said spontaneously how much Simon meant to us both. He was a special man. A force of nature actually.
    All love
    Jed xx

  54. What a Heavenly Rainbow on your Exquisite photograph of You and Simon together.
    With all good wishes,
    From Celia

  55. What a wonderful and exciting idea to start this in Simon’s name – I’m sure it will go from strength to strength. I would very much like to make a donation to the charity. I hope the evening, and the efforts of the charity in the future are hugely successful.
    With much love,

  56. My love and best wishes to Susan for a wonderful launch party and a successful beginning for a very special cause. I do hope I can make to a future event and show my support then.
    Much love and luck,
    Bonnie X

  57. Please pass on my love to Susan and my admiration for the course she is embarking upon. I wish her and the charity the very best of luck.
    Warmest regards to all concerned

  58. What a wonderful idea! This is a completely fabulous way of honouring Simon and keeping his memory alive – well done you!

  59. Instead of counting your days, make your days count”. So true for our dear S. Shining until the end and even now

  60. SUSAN,

  61. Dear Susan,

    Lovely tribute to Simon, the love of your life …so evident all the photos of you both together from landscapes of nature, animals to lovely portraits of you both always in each others loving arms.
    Susan, we are connected on LinkedIn, I am so honoured by your work and would love to join your team. I have lost quite a few family members to cancer including my brother to stomach cancer diagnosed at the age of 41yrs, he was gone six months later.
    my great admiration to you, your team at RAFT

  62. Hi Susan ! Hope all is well with you and your loved ones ! Hope you remember me… It has been soooo long time ago. I’m a friend of Elizabetth and Claudia Fielding. I used to see you at their Hollywood Hill Outpost house in the 80’s.

    1. Bless you Kit and my warm thoughts go out to you. Your donation so very much appreciated.

  63. So pleased for you Susan on the launch of this charity..Simon was a wonderful man all round..loved him and you to bits n still do so will definitely contribute..good luck always xxx#

  64. I was very touched by your description of your husband on the link. My god, you really loved him.This has prompted me to up my donation to £28 which seems appropriate. I myself have been lucky enough to be together for 34 happy years and counting…..

  65. @TheSusanGeorge @lastinglife A lovely photo which I’m sure brings back wonderful memories. All the very best with RaftCharity.

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