Our wish is to help individuals, communities and small organisations to assist those living with cancer.

Through your kind donations and fundraising, Lasting Life the Simon MacCorkindale Legacy have been able to award funding to several very deserving charities:

Hannah’s Holiday Home Appeal ❤️

Some special families were able to enjoy a memory making holiday.

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the whole family become sad, the dynamics of the family can suffer with the stresses and strains of hospital life and siblings find it hard to adjust too. Through Hannah’s Holiday Home Appeal, the family are able to spend quality time away at fabulous park facilities, making new happier memories.

Since the charity began just over 12 years ago, they have been able to help and support over 1250 families.

To visit their website click here: Hannah’s Holiday Home Appeal

Thank you letters from some of the families who have enjoyed time together thanks to your kind donations.



My Cancer My Choices ❤️

My Cancer My Choices is a charity that gives people living with cancer, the chance to have complementary therapies of their choice, in a calm and caring environment. Evidence shows that complementary therapies can make a difference to the side effects of treatment and relaxation can have a positive impact on a persons’s journey through cancer.

The charity is run by volunteers and funded by money raised through donations.

To visit their website, click here: mycancermychoices.org

My Cancer My Choices


Breast Cancer Haven❤️

Breast Cancer Haven exists to improve the quality of life for people affected by breast cancer, by providing emotional, practical and physical support. The donation from Lasting Life, helped to provide personalised packages of support and therapies to breast cancer patients, these programmes of support are proven to alleviate the side effects of cancer, and the counselling support provides the emotional resilience for them to start looking forward.

To view their website, click here: breastcancerhaven.org.uk

Breast Cancer Haven







The Legacy


When you find a spark of inspiration and fan it into the flame it deserves to be, you can make such a difference