Coming soon... Love Letters 2020

Coming soon… Love Letters 2020

💌Love Letters 20th November 2020… more details coming soon Asked so many times about our flagship fundraiser Lasting Life Love Letters to perform again we’ve decided to do so. So this year it will take place on the 20th November 2020 in London, and as we are told this event has become somewhat of a […]

August 2018/2017 Funride fundraisers

August 2018/2017 Funride fundraisers

In August last year and again this. Horses, ponies and riders of all ages came together to raise money for Lasting Life The Simon MacCorkindale Legacy. The events were both organised by Mandy Burr, owner of the Crippenden Stud in Edenbridge Kent and around 65 riders over this two year period brought their four legged friends to take part […]

max caulfield and susan george

Guys and Dolls

Spectacular night at the Bristol Hippodrome to see Guys and Dolls.The invitation came from  Max Caulfield who at the curtain call introduced me after an emotional speech about Simon, their friendship, life and our love story that he said remains ever present. Thank you darling Max, the stunning cast who performed to perfection and everyone in the Bristol Hippodrome Theatre for such a welcome […]