Guys and Dolls

Susan George and Max Caulfield

Spectacular night at the Bristol Hippodrome to see Guys and Dolls.The invitation came from  Max Caulfield who at the curtain call introduced me after an emotional speech about Simon, their friendship, life and our love story that he said remains ever present.

Thank you darling Max, the stunning cast who performed to perfection and everyone in the Bristol Hippodrome Theatre for such a welcome in support of

The photos above are of Max and I plus a lovely picture of us both with Richard Fleeshman and Jack Edwards. The show Guys and Dolls at the Bristol Hippodrome was truly special and a joy to see such talent under one roof. Audience were on their feet at the end and I really felt we had been treated to West End magic here in the South. The tour soon closes so if you haven’t seen already I urge you to do so.