I lost my darling husband Simon with cancer in 2010. We were both actors and had 28 of the best years together, and for that I will always be grateful. Simon was an enigmatic vital man and utterly selfless. He struggled with the disease for 5 years and we searched for answers that never came. When I lost him, I was truly broken but knew the one thing he would want me to do (as we hadn’t won our battle) to help others in theirs. 

This is our very personal story that I want to share but there are so many others in this world with their own stories facing life challenges… So in 2016 I launched Lasting Life our charity to support those living with or affected by the cruel disease of cancer. We are small but have a huge heart – and my trustees, and I passionately committed to raising funds for those who need. 

Its undoubtedly tough work at times and there are bigger organisations on a similar mission with sponsorship which we don’t have but each year with help from our supporters we have been able to gift some wonderful people and make a difference, and though I always feel we can do more, it is the biggest reward.

Lasting Life with its personal promise and heart driven story, is on an uphill spiral…. And we can’t wait for the next climb!

Click on the video to see our special evening LASTING LIFE LOVE LETTERS 2018

In 2015 I was walking on a beach and saw this stack of pebbles significantly each one holding up another and I thought then, this is just what Simon would want (in his name) us to do. In the following year that wonderful thought became a reality when we launched Lasting Life The Simon MacCorkindale Legacy.